Oman Brunei Investment Company SAOC

Explore untapped investment opportunities across a variety of industries in Oman & Brunei


We strive to become a recognized investor in sustainable economic and development projects while ensuring above average long-term returns through investing in a diversified portfolio. We seek to invest in opportunities ranging from startups to mature operating entities that are diversified, promote or have a brand name, deliver quality products or services, are backed by a qualified and experienced management team and have the potential to scale up and enhance efficiency at all levels. We believe in strong strategic partnerships and joint ventures when establishing new companies. At all times, our aim is to manage our investments with active board level participation, and advise management on a formal and informal basis. We motivate company managers through various types of incentive schemes, allowing them to realize significant financial rewards from the value they create. OBIC identifies and acquires businesses which exhibit a strong market position, a sustainable competitive advantage and earnings growth potential. Using our industrial, commercial and local expertise, we invest where significant value can be created by working with experienced managers in order to deliver superior performance.